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The Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technolgy Project at San Francisco State University
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Ergonomic workstation with multiple devices.


Ensuring that the environment meets the physical size, abilities, and needs of the person is the keystone of ergonomics and central to providing successful accommodations. We can help you prevent injuries and improve efficiency and productivity by examining your workstations and the tools utilized, along with job tasks and essential functions.

When we work with someone who has already developed a work-related injury, we help them understand what may have caused or contributed to the problem, examine their overall environment, work style and habits, and offer strategies for reducing these contributing factors.

We provide all of the ergonomics solutions for injured employees with the Workers Compensation program at San Francisco State University and have extensive experience working with a wide range of jobs and work environments.

Please click here to download a flyer about our workplace services. 


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