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The Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technolgy Project at San Francisco State University

Personalized Training

Providing specialized tools or software without personalized training can be a waste of time and money. Similarly, training that is not appropriate or goes "over the head" of the user can be frustrating and demoralizing. We offer personalized one-on-one training in speech recognition and many other programs. We train on real-world activities that include or parallel what a person will be doing at work, school, or home.

We offer training

We also employ supplemental training tools so that the user can learn and practice between sessions, reducing the overall training costs.

Our trainers are knowledgeable about people's various learning styles and adapt their methods if a person is having difficulty absorbing the information. A core part of our approach to training is to maximize and build on successes, proceed in modest steps, and not overload the trainee with information.

Since each training situation is unique, we do not offer "pre-packaged" courses of study. Rather, we prefer to speak directly with you about your particular needs and then recommend a custom training program and schedule that is relevant, effective, and affordable.

Software we train on includes specialty programs such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, ZoomText, Kurzweil 3000, textHelp, and Inspiration, among many others. We also can provide training on mainstream software such as the Microsoft Office suite and Windows operating systems.


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Personalized Training
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