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The Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technolgy Project at San Francisco State University
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Computer access using a mouthstick, head-controlled mouse, and speech recognition

Assistive Technology

The successful use of assistive and adaptive technologies requires a careful analysis of a person's abilities, needs, goals, and preferences in order to match them up with the most appropriate products.

We have a large selection of hardware and software tools for people to try out during our assessments. We can also sometimes loan out equipment for more extended trials.

We DO NOT represent vendors or resell items made by others and do not profit from any purchasing decisions. We can therefore offer a wide range of options from an unbiased perspective.

People We Work With
Our primary expertise is in working with people with the following limitations:

Our Services
Our areas expertise include:

Software Tools that we work with include:
Speech recognition, screen magnification, screen reading, text-to-speech, concept mapping, cognitive and memory aids, word prediction, abbreviation-expansion, on-screen keyboards, and scanning layouts.

Hardware Tools we utilize in ourassessments include:
Numerous low tech items such as hand typing aids, key guards, and arm supports; keyboards and mouse alternatives of all descriptions; and one-hand typing tools and strategies. Higher-tech options range from alerting and communication systems to switch-based access, head controlled mice, and eye-gaze systems.

Modifications and Custom Design
We are one of the only organizations in Northern California to offer non-wheelchair modifications and custom design work.

We understand the importance of follow-through to ensure that technology really works. We offer system setup, configuration, on-site installation, and follow-up technical support and troubleshooting.

We provide personalized training in all types of AT.

*Note: Due to the availability of specialized and highly-qualified professionals in our area, we do not provide wheelchair and seating assessments, technology evaluations for people who are blind, or communication evaluations for people who are not literate or who have cognitive limitations. However, we frequently work with other professionals to accommodate people with multiple disabilities, integrate technologies, develop mounting systems, and configure work spaces.


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